In 1980, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gordon Waddell, MD became had become interested in so-called non-organic pain behaviors. Dr. Waddell never meant for doctors or lawyers to use his signs as a breakpoint or template for deciding if a patient / claimant was malingering, symptom magnifying, or faking in any way. Nonetheless, fairly soon after his signs were published, personal injury attorneys, insurance companies, independent medical examiners, and designated doctors, began using the Waddell's Signs, as a means by which to deny the validity of a patient / claimant's claim, to dismiss them as fakers, as hypochondriacs, as "symptom magnifiers", as having a "functional overlay" and to suggest them were claiming physical problems because of "secondary gains". In point of fact, these were inappropriate, improper, and flat out WRONG applications of these guidelines or "signs". They were viewed as such distortions and wrongheaded uses, that Gordon Waddell himself, intervened in 18 years by publishing a scholarly document to make it clear these professionals were bastardizing and misusing these criteria with his name on them. This was done in 1998, and yet, here we are in the 21st century, and the previously identified classes of folks continue, much to the protestation of those who understand proper uses of these signs, to misuse and misapply Waddell's signs, and to draw conclusions which are totally wrong, and which can do damage to patients and claimants, and to do so with impunity.

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This video, featuring
discusses the misuse of Waddell's Signs, based on
the correction issued by Dr. Gordon Waddell, MD who created the Waddell's Signs, who was very clear, in his restatement of 1998, that his signs were being used incorrectly, and that improper use, whether the misuse was through ignorance, intentional misuse, misinterpretation, or misapplication, could do harm to those they were used against, and that such misuse should be discontinued.